Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caleb's Christmas Presents

My last minute manger scene. Mary and Joseph and the donkey were made a while ago. They traveled down from our bedroom over a period of about 3 weeks to arrive in Bethlehem. Every morning when Caleb woke up, he would be so excited to see, "HOW FAR MARY and JOSPEPH GOT!!!"

Caleb's stocking made (by me) from a wool sweater, with rabbit fur edging the top.

The adorable child sleeping before our Christmas at our house (December 23rd).

I made him a wooden clip, because he likes to play woodworking use the clamps like I do, but he's not strong enough to open the spring clamps. It is clipping a rabbit fur, another one of his presents.

He is playing with a wooden bead lacing set from etsy's Busy Being Me. I acquired it by barter.

This is the coolest sailboat ever. The pond at my parent's house was frozen, so it was relegated to the bathtub while we were there. I traded with Willowbaus on etsy for it.

I got this awesome wooden chain from someone on etsy too, Mountain River Images. I even paid real money for it! Caleb liked it a lot. I think it's so cool.

I made Caleb a Busy Town (his terminology), modeled after our town, with our favorite little eatery: Cathy's Diner featured in it. He also got an Oak Bus, which he has been asking for.

We had a very nice Christmas at our new home, and then more Christmas at our old home in NJ.

I must say the biggest hit was a giant blow up baseball bat that my brother gave him. Caleb ran around all weekend bopping people. It was the most short-lived as well since it got a hole in it after a few days.

My mom also gave him a wooden forklift and dump truck. Caleb loves forklifts (we go to Lowes a lot), so he plays with that a lot too.

Look for new stuff in my etsy shop. That Busy Town will show up soon...along with play clips.

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