Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

I looked at the 10 day forecast on weather.com a couple of days ago, and EVERY SINGLE DAY said showers. I feel waterlogged. The sun isn't due to show its face until Saturday! And then it's supposed to be mostly cloudy.

Well with ten straight days of rain, I knew we'd be going stir-crazy. I took my computer into the shop yesterday, so I was really in trouble. I had to find some way to keep us from driving each other crazy.

Today, I came up with a theory. Children love change! I'm not talking about big life shattering stuff. I'm talking about when I'm mopping the floor, and I move the chairs and table into the living room. Caleb has a blast! He climbs up and jumps down, over and over and over again. When I was moving the furniture to vacuum, having the couch in the middle of the room was thrilling.

Speaking of cleaning, having a totally clean room where before there was a mess, provides a blank canvas for large scale playing. Or take a boring every day thing like walking down town--and do it in the rain. Caleb sang the whole way. Or take lunch which is about as boring and informal as possible, and layout a new tablecloth, with some candles (that you just handdipped that morning), and make LASAGNA (major favorite around here) with carrot raison muffins. Drink your water from fancy goblets and use your grandmother's silver.

Like I said this morning we dipped candles. Some for us, some for our neighbor that we gave a candle holder to for her birthday. Now we're at the library. Caleb is building a house out of the cushy seat thing in the children's section with 2 other boys.

If things are getting a little too routine around your house, try doing something out of the ordinary. It doesn't have to be much.

We've got lots more rain coming, so give me your best rainy day advice.

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