Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Inbetween Spaces

In order to have fun, you have to be willing to leave the road sometimes. This is a little place that we discovered yesterday right next to an I-95 bridge going over a lake.
Caleb had been begging to go to the ocean, because he was hot, and unfortunately we were not near the ocean, nor could I spare the gas to get us to the ocean. I had a car repair that ate up any spare cash there might have been. Anyway we passed over this lake, and I inspected the shoreline for sand, saw some, and exited the highway. Then we spent the next half an hour trying to find a place to swim. We asked directions from at least two different people. Apparently all the shore is owned by individuals, campgrounds, and hotels. Except for this little place down an abandoned road that led to the old bridge. We climbed down the embankment to this dirty little beach, and Caleb had a ball swimming and jumping from the fallen tree. He found a beat-up old baseball that floated up every time he threw it to his delight. And someone's old undershirt with which he could whip around and fling water. He gathered up little clam shells and rocks. We stayed for over an hour until the sun started setting.

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