Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Master of My Own Time

I will try to write sparingly.

I decided on this mode of living in order to protect the bond between my son and I. I think spending most of our time apart from the ones we love, particularly our children is a bad way to live. I mean "bad" in a personal way. It would be unpleasant for me to work 8 or 9 hours away from my son. It would be unpleasant for my son to only see his mother in the mornings and evenings. Frankly, after three years of not having a "regular" job, it would be unpleasant to give most of my time away for dubious reward. More on this later.

I make toys, wooden toys, though I plan on branching out to soft toys as well. I sell them at I don't make very much money. But so far, I have been able to feed my son, myself, and our van. I have very little money, but I am successful. I am rich, because I am the master of my own time. Whenever things get tough, and I'm starting to feel "disadvantaged" (a ridiculous euphamism), I remember that and relish in it.

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